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  • Human Rights Declaration

    The company strictly abide by the labor related laws and regulations in all operating locations around the world, and protect the legitimate rights of the employees. The company abide by the spirit and principles of human rights protection disclosed in various international human rights conventions such as the UN Global Covenant, the Universal Declaration of Human Rights and the International Labour Organization Declaration of Fundamental Principles and Rights at Work. The company fully reflect the responsibility to respect and protect human rights, treat and respect all salaried colleagues with dignity. AirTAC human rights of declaration please refer to “AirTAC Human Rights of Declaration”.

    Diversity and Gender Equality

    In order to implement the concepts of inclusion, equality and tolerance, the company emphasizes on diversity of employees, maintains gender equality and builds a friendly workplace. The policy of diversity and gender equality please refer to "Statement of Diverse Workplace and Gender Equality Policy".

    ·     Employee benefit plans

    The company pays its employees higher than industry average salary, as well as year-end bonus, quarterly performance bonus, gifts and bonuses for 3 major festivals and all kinds of allowances and subsidies. The company also arranges free physical examination at designated institutions and purchases insurances for employees, including basic pension, medical, work injury, maternity and unemployment, and provide them with subsidies for wedding, death, childbirth and hospitalization, and group travel. The company also holds cultural, art and sports activities to foster a sense of affinity among employees and enhance work efficiency.

    ·     Continuing education and training system

    In order to improve employee capabilities and quality, and maintaining their long-term competitive advantage, the company is dedicated to fostering talents in the automated machinery industry through a comprehensive training program covering new and on-the-job training, internal and external training, and basic and supervisor development, providing multi learning channels. At the same time, we assess the effectiveness of employee learning development alongside education and training, while continuing to observe whether the employees under training has made progress in an effort to generate talent values necessary for sustainable development.

    ·     Retirement system and state of implementation

    The company’s subsidiary registered in the Republic of China has established employee retirement plan in accordance with the Labor Standards Act of the ROC. Along with the implementation of a new pension system under the Labor Pension Act, the company will contribute 6% of an employee’s monthly wages into his or her personal labor pension fund account.

    The company’s subsidiaries registered in China will pay for the pension insurance of employees in accordance with the provisions of the Social Insurance Law of the People's Republic of China. The company pays social insurance to the special account of the local government on a monthly basis.

    ·     Employee remuneration

    The company provides comprehensive employee promotion and remuneration systems such as “Standards M / T”, provide remuneration superior to that of the industry standard and above the local minimum wage. Salary for new employees is determined by job requirements and educational background; salary adjustment and promotion are subject to job performance after becoming a full-time employee. We have established a robust performance appraisal system. A standard has been formulated to promote employees based on their individual ability and years of service. We also offer a benefits system second to none to inspire the potential of employees and promote them based on their performance assessment. All AirTAC Taiwan employees must receive a performance appraisal every 6 months and all employees at AirTAC Ningbo, AirTAC Guangdong, and AirTAC China should receive one quarterly; a career development assessment is conducted every year. AirTAC offers a better severance pay package than the ones stipulated by the local laws and regulations to employees who are retiring or terminating their employment. The aim is to help them through job transitions.

    ·     Industrial relations

    The company insists on “people first,” and cares about the involvement and interests of employees, in light of this, a variety of employee communication channels have been set up. We implement labor-management communications through quarterly labor management meetings, the General Manager’s e-mail, and employee meetings. Employees are notified prior to major operational changes that may have an impact on their interests in accordance with legal regulations. The company upholds the spirit of fairness and impartiality when handling an investigation or complaint, providing employees with reasonable feedback and treatment. The company also strives to reach a consensus with various parties in major meetings such as labor-management meetings and employee meetings to ensure harmonious labor relations.