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    Based on the principle of materiality of corporate social responsibility, the company conducts relevant risk assessments on important issues, and formulates relevant risk management policies or strategies as follows based on the assessed risks.

    Major issues

    Risk Assessment

    Risk Management Policy


    Environmental Impact and Management

    1.Establish a sewage treatment system to reuse industrial washing wastewater after treatment for industrial washing operations; add a rainwater recovery and storage system for landscape irrigation and sewage treatment.

    2.Develop low carbon products

    Develop lightweight, space-saving, energy-saving products, reduce energy efficiency losses, and use environmentally friendly, recyclable materials and environmentally friendly packaging with ink-free printing.

    3.Perform energy anomaly analysis

    According to the configuration specification of energy measuring instruments, configure corresponding meters for water, electricity and gas in the plant area. Statistical analysis is carried out every week to facilitate timely detection and processing of abnormalities.

    4.The following measures are established according to the climate risk identification process:

    Establish a notification mechanism for major incidents, set up an emergency response team to strengthen the timeliness of recovery of key systems, and quickly resume business operations to cope with possible disruptions caused by extreme weather.

    5.Passed the " ISO 14001 Environmental Management System" verification.


    Occupational Safety

    1.Passed the "ISO 45001 Occupational Health and Safety Management System" verification.

    2.Fire drills and industrial safety education and training are held regularly every year to cultivate employees' ability to respond to emergencies and self-safety management.

    Product Safety

    The company attaches great importance to the responsibility of product manufacturing, and ensures that there is no violation of health and safety regulations during the life cycle of products and services, in order to protect the health and safety of customers and end users, and to implement corporate social responsibilities such as environmental protection. Some raw materials of AirTAC have been inspected by a third notary public, and their materials and contents meet relevant health and safety requirements, such as EU RoHS 2.0.

    Corporate Governance

    Socioeconomic and Legal Compliance

    1.By establishing a governance organization and implementing an internal control mechanism, we ensure that all personnel and operations of the company truly comply with relevant laws and regulations.

    2.The products developed by the company are subject to patent applications to protect the company's rights and interests.

    3.AirTAC is not subject to any major penalties for violating the law.

    Strengthen the Functions of Directors

    1.The board of directors is convened in accordance with the regulations, and in order to effectively exert the functions of the board of directors, the audit committee and the remuneration committee are divided under the board of directors according to their powers and functions. The functional committees are composed of independent directors, which effectively implement the independent supervision and check and balance mechanism to ensure the resolutions and actions of the board of directors.

    2.Insuring directors' liability insurance for directors to protect them from lawsuits or claims.

    3.The board of directors are conduced regular performance evaluations every year, and external evaluations every three years.

    Stakeholder Communication

    1.In order to prevent stakeholders from differing from the company's position, resulting in misunderstandings and risks of business operations or lawsuits, the company analyzes important stakeholders and important issues of concern every year.

    2.Establish various communication channels, actively communicate, and reduce confrontation and misunderstanding. Set up an investor mailbox and the grievance channel of violation code of ethics, which will be handled and responded by a dedicated person.

    Implementation situation

    Implementation situation please refer to the state of the company's implementation of sustainable development