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  • Based on our four values - people oriented, profit sharing, common development, and undertaking responsibilities, we regard the safest and healthiest workplace as our goal. Moreover, we also pursue the sustainable development in our future. In summary, we make the policies about environmental health and safety above:


    1.Create a safe workplace and promote the concept of safety and health.

    2.Encourage everyone to comply with the policy and manage the risks of workplace effectively.

    3.Promote physical and mental health to make Work-Life Balance.


    1.Compliance with the Occupational Safety and Health Act and improve the quality of working environment.

    2.Consult and communicate with the employees actively; identify and prevent the potential risks.

    3.Disseminate the policies and develop self-protection awareness.

    4.Keep working hard in order to build a safe and healthy workplace.

    Actual execution status

    1.We have already passed the verification of ISO 45001 (the management system of occupational safety and health), we can provide nice workplace that is not only safe but also healthy.

    2.We monitor the safety of the working environment biannually so that we can ensure there’s no abnormal situation.

    3.We formulate the process of emergency response notification measures, and we hold emergency response drill regularly.

    4.We imply hazard prevention programs in the factory, such as hazards that caused by physical hazard, abnormal workloads, unlawful infringement, and so on. We also execute labor health service program and maternal health protection program.

    5.In terms of safe and healthy education, we publicize health promotion and practice some related measures regularly.

    6.We have set up the breastfeeding room. Besides, according to Regulations of the Labor Health Protection, we hire nurses and contract doctors to provide labor health consulting service.

    7.We provide general physical examination for new staff before on board. Additionally, we have physical check-up and special physical examination for employees annually, and the fee shall be paid by the company.