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  • The Risk or Opportunity for the Community and the Response Measures and the Implementation Results

    The company evaluates the impact of company operations on the community in accordance with the Sustainable Development Practice Principles. The company hires the local employees appropriately in order to enhance the community recognition. The company invests the resources in related activities through donations or other charity methods to promote the community development.


    1.The impact of operating locations on the local community

    The company’s main operating locations are in Tainan, Ningbo and Guangdong. The company continues emphasizes on the impact of operating locations on the local community. The related evaluations are as follows:



    Response Measures

    Enforces the connection between the company and the community. Invests the resources to enhance the community recognition of the company.

    Cause damage to the nearby residents due to production accidents.

    Invests various resources and donations to participate in the community development, charity and government agencies. Please refer to the company website: Home-Sustainable-Charity.

    Hires the local employees in order to promote the community development.


    2.The impact on the local community environment and the response measures

    Impact Items

    Response Measures


    The company’s Taiwan factory is located in the Tree Valley Park, Tainan and the China factory is located in the High Tech Area of Ningbo. The environmental impact assessment has been carried out before its development, the production activities will not impact the biodiversity.

    Wastewater and Waste Management

    The company’s wastewater discharge and waste treatment of each factory are handled in accordance with the local government regulations. The wastewater and waste management will not have a negative impact on the local community environment.

    Chemical Management

    The chemicals are listed and implemented with response measures and emergency equipment. The company conduct hazards prevention and contingency plan drills to enhance the response capabilities of the employees.

    Honest Declaration

    Each factory of the company performs various environmental protection operations and uploads various information in accordance with the regulations of the authority to ensure all procedures are compliant.