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  • In order to encourage R&D innovation and protect key technologies, we combine operational goals and R&D resources to formulate intellectual property strategies. We expect to reduce business risks and enhance corporate competitiveness.

    Risk of intellectual property rights and countermeasures

    Categories of Intellectual Property Rights

    Risk Identification


    Trademark Rights

    Infringement of trademark will affect the company's goodwill.

    1. Employee education and training

    2. Consultants from external professional institutions

    Patent Rights

    Infringement of patent leads to profit reduction or compensation for others’ losses.

    1. Operation process control management

    2. Employee education and training

    3. Consultants from external professional institutions

    Trade Secret

    Claim or compensation caused by disclosure of trade secret.

    1. Control through hardware and software equipment

    2. Internal and external contract review

    3. Sign non-disclosure agreement

    4. Employee education and training

    5. Legal counsel consultation

    Operation of Risk Management

    1.The company regularly report the state of the company's implementation status of intellectual property rights to the board of directors once a year. The latest date of submission to the board of directors is November 6, 2023.

    In 2014, the “Patent Incentive Regulation” was formulated to encourage colleagues to innovate and develop.

    In 2014, the “Document Management Procedure” was formulated to set control points for the operation process of confidential files.

    In 2022, the “Intellectual Property Rights Management Regulation” was formulated for employees to follow relevant regulation.

    2.As of December 2023, 27 patents have been approved in Taiwan, 178 domestic patents and 1international patent have approved in China. A total of 145 trademark rights have been approved worldwide. (33 countries in total)