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  • A 90% in-house production of material and parts is to ensure supply superior products with short lead time and effective cost. In addition, AirTAC endeavors to promote the production capacity by importing advanced equipments and production lines. AirTAC Ningbo and AirTAC Guangdong are representatives:



    In order to ensure to keep up with the automation developing trend and provide the fastest response to customers’ requirements, AirTAC Ningbo is equipped with 600 top-notch equipments like automatic coil winding machine, precision automatic die-casting machine, precicion extrusion machine, forging machine, CNC machine, milling machine, turning and milling machine, four-axle CNC milling machine, injection machine, vulcanizing machine, surface treatment, electro coating line, automatic painting line, sealing parts pressing machine, as well as 200 testing devices like projectors, direct-reading spectrometer, 3D measuring apparatus, salt spray testing machine, and 10 automatic processing lines.


    AirTAC Guangdong was established as the first production base of the group in the mainland, with a product line of 10 categories and hundreds of sorts such as solenoid valve, pneumatic valve, manual valve, hand lever valve, mechanical valve, throttling valve.


    The advanced milling machine, BO machine, lathes introduced from Japan and Taiwan In addition,world-class automatic production lines ensure the quality of parts produced by AirTAC Guangdong.