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  • Deputy Inspector of Zhejiang Provincial Ministry of Ecological Environment,Lin Caizhengand His Delegation Went to Investigate Ningbo AirTAC International Group VOCs waste Governance Work
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  • On May 28 , 2020, Lin Caizheng, the deputy director of Zhejiang Provincial Atmosphere Office and the deputy inspector of Zhejiang Provincial Ministry of Ecological Environment,led related government personnel went to Ningbo AirTAC investigate VOCs waste governance work.Yuan Xuqian, the Atmosphere Environment director of Ningbo Ministry of Ecological Environment, and Xu Jun , the secretary of Fenghua Ministry of Ecological Environment , and others were accompanied .


    The assistant manager Mao Xiaoyang and senior manager Huang Jianyong warmly received Lin Caizheng and his line.


    The deputy inspector Lin Caizheng first inspected the exhaust collection and treatment facilities, and then listened to the report about air pollution controlling. At last, the deputy inspector Lin Caizheng proposed that he hoped the enterprises could make more contributions to exhaust treatment.