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  • Ningbo AirTAC Automatic Industry Co.,Ltd was Recognized as the Zhejiang Province First Batch of Industry-education Integration Pilot Enterprises
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  • According to Zhejiang Development and Reform Commission public news, Ningbo AirTAC Automatic Industry Co.,Ltd (hereinafter, Ningbo AirTAC) was recognized as the Zhejiang province first batch of pilot enterprise integrating industry and education.


    According to Zhejiang province industry-education integration “Five Batch” work plan 2019, the project was set by the voluntary reporting of enterprises, local first trial, experts assessment and the provincial evaluation group’s review about “Five Batch”. Those pilot enterprises’ construction mission is to make them play important roles in technology, talents training and human resources development. The subject duty is to support leading or key enterprises to participate the industry-education integration in depth and cooperate between universities and enterprises, speed up the training of innovative and applied talents.


    Since 2010, Ningbo AirTAC has been taken vocational education. Except from digging out and cultivating talents suitable for the development needs of enterprises, Ningbo AirTAC has set up awards and grants in more than 30 universities to actively give back to the society and assume the responsibility of educational support. Ningbo AirTAC along with Shandong University, Xi’an University of Technology and other more than 10 vocational college, has built training rooms, trained teachers, researched projects and trained students to cultivate over 1000 talents together .


    The success of this project means a big leap that the company’s mode of school-industry cooperation has turned into the pilot enterprise integrating production and education. Ningbo AirTAC will take the successful application as an opportunity to further deepen the integration and promote the organic connection between school’s education chain, talents chain industry chain and innovation chain, so as to contribute to the talent cultivation of enterprises, region and even industries.